Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paper CupCakes Don't work

I got together with my Cousin last night to work on party favors for our Great-Grandmas 100th birthday party. We planned on making these cute cupcakes made out of paper for everyone to take home. We hit the craft store and got all the supplies needed. Grabbed a quick bite to eat and then started working. We wanted to make 1 out of the ugly paper we didn't like so we could practice. It took us about 30 minutes. We tried over and over again and could not make it look like the design on the instructions. After looking at it for a few minutes we threw that idea out the window, and started to think about something we can make with the supplies we had on hand. Doodles came up with a great idea. We would make flowers out of the scrapbook paper and glue them to lolly pop sticks then add a little magnet to the back and tie a piece of ribbon on them to look like the little leaves and add a tag that has the date and it will say her name and 100th Birthday. We start to fold and cut the paper and realize that it will take forever to make 40 of them that way. So off we go to the craft store again to look for a punch in the shape of a flower. We don't find anything that is big enough, but Doodles remembers that she has a machine at her school that we can use to make flower shapes. We run down to the school (where an AA meeting is going on) and it takes us about 20 minutes to get all of our flower and heart shapes. We jet back to the house and start working on them. The next 45 minutes or so we get everything set up and i start to glue the flowers to the lolly pop sticks while Doodles is cutting ribbon and the tags. We finished one so we could see what it would look like complete. It is so flippin cute. I'm so glad to have a cousin with such great ideas. And the best part was that we had so much fun together.

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